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Who we are

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The Highly Effective Teacher is a team of teachers dedicated to providing practical, effective resources for teachers that improve student learning outcomes by addressing student behavior. 

We provide staff development workshops for schools that focus on the principles of positive behavior management underpinned by restorative practices. We incorporate understandings and strategies to increase teacher wellbeing and promote positive school culture. 

All presenters at The Highly Effective Teacher are highly experienced teachers. They bring a wide breadth of content knowledge and best practice combined with a deep understanding of the challenges facing teachers and leadership.

Marie Amaro The Highly Effective Teacher
The Ultimate Guide To Practical Behaviour Management
that works!
Habits of Highly Effective Teachers - The Ultimate Guide To Practical Behaviour Managment Marie Amaro

What We do

practical solutions by teachers

Our programs at The Highly Effective Teacher are highly interactive workshops that recognise and value participants’ expertise and experience.  

Teachers network with colleagues, share experiences, work collaboratively to expand current knowledge, raise concerns and problem solve using tools and strategies immediately applicable to the classroom. 

Self-reflection is modelled through presenter narrative, self-rating scales, discussion of current practice and commitment to positive action.   

Teachers leave our workshops feeling enlightened, inspired and empowered. 

What they Say

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